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Gamedecs at Pyrkon 2017

pyrkon 2017

Pyrkon 2017 – we were there! There was the Gamedec Night with a collection of larps created by our students. Gamedecs ran tabletop RPG sessions as part of Uniwersytet Fabularny for Q-Workshop. They playtested their board and card prototypes, some of which won the approval (and commercial interest!) of two manufacturers. Iza Dankowska‘s B.A. project, a card game, was released by Garmory with characters from “Margonem“. We also contributed an academic part to the Pyrkon programme: Larp Studies Seminar. co-organised by the Gamedec.UKW staff.  Plus, on Saturday evening, we went to the Robot Gentleman + GIC after-party. It was a fruitful weekend!

Researching board games classification


Gamedecs with the Bydgoszcz chapter of Games Research Association of Poland are in a board game research project, initiated at Central and Eastern European Games Conference in Krakow. At the conference, David Chircop from University of Malta presented a classification system for board games, part of his master’s thesis for MSc in Digital Games. With the author, we are testing the applicability of the system and working to improve precision.

Degrees with REBEL


October 2015: the “first third” year in the history of Gamedec.UKW. The very first enrollment (Oct 2013) of Humanities 2.0 now entered Level 5, the senior year. They are taking on diploma projects, carried out in collaboration with the university and the markets. 15 gamedecs opted for digital game projects, 10 are in the non-digital sector. Each BA project will have either an institutional partner (business, organisation, office) or at least an “industry supervisor”, that is a consultant from the game industry. On Monday 26.10 we had a meeting with Krzysztof Szafrański of, who is responsible for selection of new games for the publisher. Four gamedecs presented their concepts for board / card diploma projects – and they’ll be working on them with Rebel!

The Unexpected at Pyrkon

The Unexpected
Gamedecs Level 2: Jakub Dranicki, Konrad Borowski, Marcin SzypuraPaulina Michałowska and graphic designer Katarzyna Wiszniewska have created “The Unexpected” board game. It will be tested and presented in Pyrkon Testing Zone at 15th Pyrkon Festival (24-26.04.2015) in Poznań. In The Unexpected, players will become hot-tempered members of a halfling family, who had their quiet dinner crashed by a goblin army searching for juicy meat. The board game is designed as co-operative, but can also be played as quasi-co-op in which you can win by scoring the most Victory Points (and not getting eaten by the enemy). You can play The Unexpected  on Saturday and Sunday in Games Room in building 7A.

Global Game Jam at Gamedec.UKW


Global Game Jam was organised in Bydgoszcz for the first time. Our edition gathered 25 people who divided themselves into 6 teams (with two participants working in more than one team). Although only six teams were formed, seven games were created. The extra one was made by Mikołaj Sobociński, one of GAMEDEC’s lecturers and because of that it did not enter into  the contest.  It was a unique creation, because it was the only board game created during this event. All the other participants decided on making video games.

Jury decided to reward every game created, yet they named the best two:

First place went to Last Knife Standing, described by its creators – Michał Pietraszko, Paweł Trojański – as “local multiplayer for up to 4 players. One room, one knife.”

And second place went to Redemptor, which tells the story of a ghost hunter, who dies and becomes a ghost himself. It was created by Izabela Dankowska, Alicja Mochocka, Oskar Kołosowski, Adam Pruncal, Adrian Kustosz.

Other projects that were created during GGJ in Bydgoszcz:


“Our game is a horror game. It’s about an abandoned, scientific base , but also about an abandoned and lonely character. As a player you’re frightened of everything that surrounds you. Here, waiting for the unknown. Things that you aren’t prepared for. “

Created by:

Wojciech Babiński– game designer, level designer and team leader

Mateusz Zych– game designer, level designer

Damian Kierstan– game designer, level designer

Adam Gackowski– mesher

Adrianna Solińska– mesher

Claudio Corral– graphic/sounds designer


“Manage your dwarfs on Mars, defend yourself from enemies and stop them from stealing your beer and gather as much hop as you want, prepare for battle.”

Created by:

Filip Kucharski

Karol Czechowski

Mateusz Czechowski


“Game about escape from the pagan village. Main character (pagan) has to run away from attacked village, because christians attempt to convert people to their religion. With axe and fire!”

Created by:

Team Leader & Programmer: Maciej Sikorski

Level Designer: Beata Krzywdzińska

Graphic: Tomasz Tyloch

Music & Level Designer: Maciej Sola

Well… f*ck

“The Evil Overlord lost his nemesis due to a freak accident. Now he’s searching for a hero replacement to have that final, climactic duel at last. Unfortunately the closest vicinity offers only the most clumsy and unlucky peasants imaginable. Now to have his ultimate showdown, he has to help the “hero” not to die on the way … again. The game is a platformer in which we do not control the “hero” directly, but only help him with our dark powers or by interacting with the objects in on the maps.”

Created by:

Katarzyna Wiszniewska

Izabela Mazur

Paweł Skorupka

Bartosz Wittner

S.P.A.C.E. mini + expansion “FRONTIER”

“The aim of this board game is to set satellites and space stations in their orbits. You do it by gaining and investing Know-How (KH) when sending crafts to fly around with various measuring devices. The higher, the better as it brings more KH. But beware of other players… They may be more clever or cunning or shifty than you think… When pressed too hard they may decide to turn their crafts into weapons… The game can be cooperative when everyone is trying to earn KH and put both satellites and space stations in the orbit. But it can also be quite nasty when winning at all costs becomes a prerogative. It’s up to players to decide… This game is designed for 2-4 players and will take 30-60 minutes depending on your chosen win states: – have most KH – have most satellites at space stations Expansion “FRONTIER” allows players to reach the Moon, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun!”

Created by  Mikołaj Sobociński

Descriptions of the games were written by games’ authors and are quoted from appropriate GlobalGameJam site.

Author: Anna “Merrik” Kwapiszewska

Piotr Pieńkowski at Gamedec.UKW

piotr pien

20 January: guest lecture and meeting with Piotra Pieńkowski, long-time editor-in-chief at “Świat Gier Komputerowych”, veteran editor of other video game magazines, and author of recently published board game “Zombie Attack”. We talked about game journalism, video and tabletop game industries, investors and crowdfunding, and about prospects for cooperation with Gamedec. Piotr now runs Dom Mediowy Sukces, with three gamedecs currently in mid-term of their grant-funded job practice and three others to join soon. Piotr spent three hours with us – thank you for your time!