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Partnership with College of Extraordinary Experiences


We are happy to inform about the partnership between Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego and Rollespils Akademiet for the organisation of international conference warsztatowej “College of Extraordinary Experiences” coming on 10-13th November 2016 at the Czocha castle in Poland. It attracts world-class specialists in experience design, representing a variety of creative industries, from Nordic blockbuster larps to gamification of tourism to American TV networks, Disney and Google.  Here comes the list of professors and mentors, according to the official website:

Survey: Conflict and Bleed in Role-Playing

Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman, Austin Community College and Dr. Michał Mochocki, Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz are launching a survey on conflict and bleed in role-playing communities. The survey is addressed to players with experience in larp, tabletop RPG, freeform or online role-playing. Click this link to enter the survey.

Our larps in Canada


Our larpwriters are celebrating an Epic Win! For a year, we have collaborated with a Canadian company. Four gamedec teams were writing larps in English, using one of the settings and themes provided by the partner. It was framed mostly as training missions, but with prospects for real implementation if the games are good enough. And this actually happened! Today we get the big news from 4th Dimension Labs: two of our larps, Rome: Shadow of Carthage and Blackout, will be played in Canada and are being prepared for publication in the online store. Congratz to the authors on the international success – and huge thanks to Derrick Ferry for creating the opportunity!


Larp Marathon with Rebel

Larps. A lot of larps. From 7:30 to 22:00, on Wednesday 27th May we played six larps, with a break for a meeting with Krzysztof Szafrański, International Business Developer at


More larping on the next day. “For course credits, not for pleasure”. 😉 See a couple of dark and mysterious photos on our FB fanpage.

Fat Man Down, or a meet-up with jeepform


Gamedecs Level 2 (freshman year) are looking for more experience and learning also after class.  On Wednesday 29th April, they met in the afternoon with lecturer Krzysztof Chmielewski to play “FAT MAN DOWN”, jeep scenario by Frederik Berg. Written in 2009, “Fat Man Down” is counted among the best known jeepforms in the world.

“Fat Man Down” explores the problem of how obese people (or in a more general sense: non-normative people) are treated by society. Players could have first-hand experience of situations which frequently go unnoticed in everyday life. At face value, the scenario was highly amusing, with players repeatedly bursting into laughter. In fact, the game was fairly serious, and followed with reflection and consideration which came some time after the game was over.

Gamedecs had the opportunity to play many roles. Except for the eponymous Fat Man, played by one player all the time, other characters were temporary. Those who were not actively participating in a given scene were watching as audience.

Text: Marcin Szypura, Anna “Merrik” Kwapiszewska

We Were Witchers


We came back from the Witcher School at Moszna castle (13-15 April 2015): a 2,5 day-long larp for 70+ players plus NPCs. Gamedec.UKW sent four people: Dr. Michał Mochocki as old master Meinard, teacher of monster lore, and gamedec students, Anna Kwapiszewska, Mateusz Makowski and Patryk Faberski, switching roles between Temerian soldiers, wraiths, priests and castle staff. Marek Mantaj created monster cards used by adepts in master Meinard’s classes. This is how we do student job practice!

witcher schoolSource: fanpage FB

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