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Dr Mads Haahr at UKW


What do gamedecs do in the evening on the last day of the semester? They come to a foreign guest lecture (via Skype) organised by the Bydgoszcz chapter of Games Research Association of Poland. Dr Mads Haahr, lecturer at Trinity College in Dublin and creator of location-based augmented reality games at Haunted Planet, presented their games and their online tool for making similar ones. It seems we’ve got a new game development platform to test!
Some pics from the lecture on Facebook.

Legendary Urban Game


IKORNAR, student Early Medieval Reenactment Group, supported by gamedecs, created another history-themed urban game. (Last year, it was “White Trail, Red Trail”, following the trail of Russians in Bydgoszcz.) This time, it was “Bydgoszcz Unknown: Following Local Urban Legends”, carried out yesterday as part of the Bydgoszcz Academic Festival. bydgoskich” odbyła się wczoraj w ramach Bydgoskiego Festiwalu Nauki. Click for a photo gallery on Ikornar fanpage.