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We have won PR competition

Grand Prix

Our 2015 Minecraft project has just won a prize for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (our administrative district)! In the PR competition “Kryształy PR-u” for units of local government, the project earned Grand Prix for “Best Promotion of EU Funds”.

Last year, we launched a Minecraft-based PR / educational project for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (administrative district). It was funded by the Marshall Office, organised by the Foundation for Kazimierz Wielki University (NGO), and executed primarily by UKW students and staff (dr Michał Mochocki and mgr Mikołaj Sobociński as supervisors of student internships, a team of eight gamedecs led by Adrianna Kuliś as ‘boots on the ground’). What we did was to build a Minecraft map of the Voivodeship together with a number of buildings and monuments selected by the Marshall Office as the most interesting tourist attractions.

During the summer 2015, we had hundreds of visitors attending events organised by the gamedecs on the map: parkour, archery contests, medieval battle reenactments etc.

We have had school groups on e-lessons online, and Adrianna visiting schools in real life to demonstrate Minecraft to teachers and learners. We also wrote (in Polish) a free PDF booklet for teachers interested in the use of Minecraft in schools.

We had more buildings constructed on our map by the community, including a voivodeship-wide competition (May 2016) for the best reconstructions of selected existing buildings.

Now it’s the Grand Prix.

7-2016 Employability in Numbers


Gamedec.UKW has been around for three years now. Closing the first full cycle for the cohort enrolled in 2013/2014, we are looking at employability stats. It’s too early to ask about graduates: the first three have just received their gamedec’s licences (BA) on the 14th of July, 10+ more are coming in September.  But we started to >monitor careers right when the careers did: long before graduation! On the 1st of July, counting the 2nd and 3rd grade together, game dev employability = 39%. This is only full time employment lasting more than a month; and only the real job market, without grant-funded industry internships organised by the university (these were taken by nearly 100% of both cohorts).

More precisely:

Amok Games on Google Play


Amok Games team, i.e. Maciej Sola and Adam Głów, gamedecs LVL 4, have released their first mobile game on Google Play. Try “Farmer McSwipe” ! ;

Testing Touching Anywhere

We are testing Touch Anywhere depth sensor software from Monster & Devices. See their Youtube channel: 

Going to PGA + GIC


Coming soon, 16-18 October: Poznań Game Arena, the largest games fair in Poland, and its side event Game Industry Conference (formerly known as Zjazd Twórców Gier). It will be the third time in a row  Gamedec.UKW is present at PGA. In 2013, we sent 5 volunteers to support ZTG/GIC. In 2014, their number rose to 14, and 8 more gamedecs were on the crew at PGA exhibition.

Now, we will have about 14 gamedec volunteers at GIC again. Just like last year, Dr. Michał Mochocki is member of the GIC Academic Board and GIC speaker. And most importantly, this time we have our own stand in the Exhibitors Zone, Indie section. We will be presenting games created by our students. Come and meet us in Pavilion 7, booth 65 (see: map), Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego.

Dr Mads Haahr at UKW


What do gamedecs do in the evening on the last day of the semester? They come to a foreign guest lecture (via Skype) organised by the Bydgoszcz chapter of Games Research Association of Poland. Dr Mads Haahr, lecturer at Trinity College in Dublin and creator of location-based augmented reality games at Haunted Planet, presented their games and their online tool for making similar ones. It seems we’ve got a new game development platform to test!
Some pics from the lecture on Facebook.