GameDec – Courses

gamedec_logotypeYear 2015. With the third generation of gamedecs, there came a change in the programme. This iteration of the Gamedec.UKW system was released in 2015/2016.

Level (semestr) 1

> Intro to Game Studies & Design (within Humanities 2.0: Fields & Disciplines)

> Interactive Fiction

Level 2

> Board Games Design

> Role-playing Games Design (includes: RPG-lab and LARP-lab)

> Law and Economy of the Game Industry

> Project (a lot of team project work)

Level 3

> Video Games Design I

> Gamification of Education and Management

> Game Theory for Designers

> Grant Writing

> Project

> Collaboration with Stakeholders (a lot of collaboration with game industry partners)

Level 4

> ARG and Urban Games

> Video Games Design II

> Game Studies I

> Project

> Collaboration with Stakeholders

Level 5

> Educational Games Design

> Games in Adaptations and Transmedia

> History of Digital Games

> Game Studies II

> Diploma Project (B.A. Seminar)

>>> you do not earn your gamedec’s license for writing a paper – you need a practical and implemented game project, developed over several months under your supervisor’s guidance

Level 6

> Diploma Project

> Industrial Placement (3 months)

>>> on Level 6, you no longer have training sessions in our HQ > you only have internships outside of university + diploma project and paper developed in e-contact with the academic supervisor at UKW and an industry supervisor outside UKW

CEEGS Presentation

Click here for a more detailed overview of the Gamedec / H2.0 programme, presented by Dr. Michal Mochocki at Central & Eastern European Game Studies conference in Krakow, Poland, 2015.

Humanities 2.0 (Levels 1-5)

The above-described outline of Gamedec.UKW = courses comprising the specialisation path. It is integrated with the system Humanistyka 2.0 , which is a network of courses in humanities, social sciences and technical skills. They are concentrated primarily on Level 1, when students have not yet signed up for a specialisation. Only at the end of Level 1 do they choose a profession for Levels 2-6: Gamedec or DigiHuman.

The programme is carried out and developed in constant collaboration with industry partners. It was also consulted with practitioners from: TreflWargamerone2tribe.plGrannaWorld LoomMoaCubePortal Games, Symulacje Historyczne, Minefield Game Team, FuntiagoCentrum Gier Fabularnych FURIAKortunal – Turystyka i PrzygodaArgent Mark Games.



The name “Gamedec” comes from a popular sci-fi novel series by Marcin Przybyłek (aka Martin Ann). Used with author’s permission. There is also a novel-inspired board game by the same name, published in 2013 by See