Newsletter – April 2015

– 3rd April, Centrum Gier Pegaz: beta-tests of our two board games,”Brainmunchers vs. Hearteaters” by Konrad Cholewa, Adam Tojza, Karolina Lewandowska and Paweł Górski and “Running Mice” by Łukasz Dreżewski, Max Frost and Arkadiusz Majewski  – event on Facebook

– 4th April – an external review of the “Running Mice” prototype at a board game portal FotB

– 8th April – release of interactive fiction “Autoportret” by Beata Krzywdzińska, Michał Cieślak and Tomasz Krzyżaniak – see here

– 9-10th April, Ideatorium III – gamedec lecturer Mikołaj Sobociński speaks at 3rd Polish Conference on Academic Teaching in Gdańsk, with a talk “How to Build Story for Gamified Classes”

– 10th April, GraNoc – monthly event by gamedec Wojciech Babiński at UKW Main Library; its  7th edition welcomed the first run of a “Roman Senate” larp, created by gamedecs Michał Cieślak, Anna First, Adrianna Solińska and Mateusz Makowski for our Canadian partner 4th Dimension Labs.

– 13-15th April, Witcher School at Moszna castle, with gamedec lecturer Michał Łukasz Mochocki and students Anna Kwapiszewska, Mateusz Makowski and Patryk Faberski

-15th April, start of Student Gaming Championship – LoL and CS: Global Offensive tournament for students of three local universities:  UTP, UKW i CM UMK, co-organised by gamedecs Wojciech Babiński, Damian Sztankowski and Michał Grochowski. Its grand finale is coming on 15th of May.

– 22nd April, Workshop with Very Nice Studio – board game design workshop for freshman gamedecs, run by a team of experienced game designers from Very Nice Studio

– 22nd April, TEDxBydgoszcz – gamedec lecturer Mikołaj Sobociński gives a talk “Gamification is Myth”.

– 24-26th April, Warsaw EXPO – gamedec booth at the first edition of Warsaw EXPO Education & Fun

– 24-26th April, Pyrkon Game Festival – Open tests of “The Unexpected” board game created by gamedecs Jakub Dranicki, Konrad Borowski, Marcin Szypura and Paulina Michałowska, plus Katarzyna Wiszniewska. Volunteers with CDP.PL: Mariusz Łodyga, Karol Słupek, Łukasz Kantowicz. Volunteers with Kuźnia Gier: Michał Cieślak, Mateusz Makowski, Anna First. With Metro 2033: Maciej Sola, Piotr Stępczyński. Programme items by Sylwia Bogdańska and Maciej Grądziel. Gamification workshop run by Dr. Michał Mochocki.


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