Newsletter – June 2015

1 June- official launch of Minecraft Kujawsko-Pomorski, a map of the region with 15+ historical sites created in Minecraft by gamedecs led by Adrianna Kuliś

1 June – two gamedec larps approved by 4th Dimension Labs in Canada

2 June – dr Mochocki and mgr Sobociński attended “Edutainment: Games and ICT in Education” conference in Wrocław, Poland, speaking about the Minecraft project and running an edu-gamification workshop

4-5 June – dr Mochocki and mgr Sobociński attended “ICT in Language Teaching” at Osmangazi University in Turkey, running another edu-gamification workshop

10 June – larp “Podróż Miguela” played in Bydgoszcz

10 June – Pog(R)adajmy monthly event in Wiatrakowa Club in Bydgoszcz

14 June – urban game”Kryptolog Rejewski” for Muzeum Okręgowe w Bydgoszczy

14 June – gamedec Maciej Sola published „Jak się studiuje badanie i projektowanie gier” (“What it’s like to study Game Studies & Design”) at

15 June – Skype-lecture on Augmented Reality by Dr. Mads Haahr from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

17 June – dr Mochocki run an edu-gamification workshop at “Co zmieniło pokolenie Y – w edukacji i biznesie” conference in Kraków, Poland

22-23 June – urban game in Zbrachlin as part of the project “Mała ojczyzna, wielka sprawa”

20 June – 40th Board Games Night with Centrum Gier Pegaz in Bydgoszcz

24 June – urban game in Nakło as part of the project “Mała ojczyzna, wielka sprawa”

24 June – Surprise Larp Event in Bydgoszcz

24 June – Scratch workshop in a primary school in Więcbork

25 June – Skype-lecture on Augmented Reality by Dr. Jan Argasiński from Iagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

25 June- game design workshop in Schools of Electronics in Bydgoszcz

26-28 June – “The Unexpected” board game playtested at Dni Fantastyki in Wrocław

27-28 June – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft competition in Bydgoszcz

Six texts written by gamedecs were published in June on Przystanek Planszówka board game blog.


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