Newsletter – March 2015

4th – Aleksandra Jarosz’s guest lecture about immersion and flow in games, at a meeting of gamedecs and the Bydgoszcz chapter of Games Research Association of Poland

6th – MSI Dragon University, gaming event dedicated to students. Gamedecs Karol słupek, Mariusz Łodyga and Łukasz Kantowicz attended as volunteers with

10th – Lecture on Neurogaming in Main Library by Łukasz Machała, at another meeting of GRAP and gamedecs – Report

14th –  Open house in Vivid Games – Gamedecs visit Vivid Games at first open house in their history

13th – 15th – LARP festival “Replay” – five Gamedecs – Anna First, Adrianna Solińska, Mateusz Makowski, Damian Kierstan and Adam Gackowski take part as volunteers, helping in arranging the festival and playing vacant roles in LARPs

15th – release of e-book “Kierunki humanistyczne i społeczne UKW wobec digitalizacji. Studium wybranych inicjatyw”, with texts by professor Mariusz Zawodniak’s and mgr Mikołaj Sobociński

18th – Pog(R)adajmy, monthly event for gamers and game industry, organised by Gamedec students – Klaudia Krawczyk, Miachał Grochowski i Damian Sztankowski

20th – board game workshops in Children Hospital on Chodkiewicz’s Street, led by Oliwia Gralak, Rafał Bobkowski, Łukasz Dreżewski, Max Mróz and Maciej Sikorski – Report

21th – 38th Board Games Night, co-organised by Centrum Gier Pegaz, UKW and Gamedec, with public tests of “Running Mice” board game designed by gamedecs.


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