Newsletter – 01-03 2017


7 January – 52 Board Games Night in Bydgoszcz

10 January – “Paszporty Polityki” Gala Awards with Dr. Paweł Schreiber as juror for Digital Culture category

11 January – Pog(R)adajmy Bydgoszcz

20-22 January – we host Global Game Jam at Gamedec.UKW

31 stycznia – Dr. Michał Mochocki represents Games Research Association of Poland at the inauguration of the government pro-gaming campaign “” at Warsaw Film School


1 February – Dr. Paweł Schreiber and Dr. Michał Mochocki speak at the conference Historia w grach wideo(History in video games) organised by Fundacja Indie Games Polska in Warsaw

7 February – “Larperiada”, a gamedec-led series of larp events,  runs larp workshops based on “When Our Destinies Meet”

8 February – Pog(R)adajmy Bydgoszcz

10-12 February – Gamedec students and staff speak at Konferencja Larpowa in Lublin

14 February – “Larperiada” and Laboratorium szalonego larpera

16 February – mgr Mateusz Makowski, gamedec graduate,  talks about larp at Miejskie Centrum Kultury in Bydgoszcz

18 February – gamedec LVL6 Sebastian Bednarek speaks at Game Studies Seminar #7 at Iagiellonian University in Krakow

18 February – 53. Board Games Night at UKW

18 February – “Larperiada” runs larps at the ZjaVa game convention in Warsaw

17-19 February – Filip Kucharski, instruktora Gamedec.UKW, and his team awarded in the Warsaw Film School Game Jam

New semester begins: Tomasz Krzyżaniak, our last year’s graduate and game designer at Vivid Games, joins the teaching staff as instructor of Video Games Design. Another new staff member is Dr. Bartosz Orlewski.


1 March – dr Michał Mochocki speaks at the Microsoft Game Creation School

6 March – we organise Games-Ed International Seminar at UKW

7 March – Tomasz Kaczmarek with a guest lecture “20 Years of the Indie Scene in Poland”

8-10 March – Iza Dankowska participates in Laboratorium Gier with

23 March – we start collaboration with Center for Transfer of Technology and Innovation at UKW

25 March – “Temporion” created by Urszula Chmielewska and Mateusz Treder for Sirius Game Studio played at a Tolkien convention

27 March – Krzysztof Szafrański, International Business Developer at reviews our board and card game prototypes