Newsletter – 10-12 2016

October 2016

Larperiada”, a new larp initiative by gamedecs, launched in Bydgoszcz

3 October – the fourth run of “BiblioGRAfia”, an inaugural library game for freshman gamedecs organised by second-year gamedecs

13-16 October – mgr Piotr Milewski at the Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany

19 October – Dr. Michał Mochocki speaks at Digital Workshops in Bydgoszcz

20-22 October – Dr. Paweł Schreiber  and Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka speak at Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference in Lublin

21-23 October – gamedec team as volunteer staff, Dr. Michał Mochocki as speaker and academic board member with Game Industry Conference in Poznań

22 October – gamedec Maciej Sola with Wastelands Interactive awarded for the best game booth at Poznan Game Arena

24-25 October – Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka and Dr. Michał Mochocki speak at the Games Research Association of Poland’s conference in Poznań

27-30 October – mgr Piotr Milewski as staff member for the Convention of Thorns blockbuster larp at the Książ castle

November 2016

8 November – guest lecture on Game journalism by Michał “ManJak” Adamczak

17 November  – mgr Piotr Milewski speaks at TEDxGdynia

19-20 November – we host and co-organise Huuuge Game Jam in Bydgoszcz

20-22 November – Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka speaks at GamesLit, International Conference Series in Games and Literary Theory

26 November – 51 Board Games Night in Bydgoszcz

December 2016

6 December – dr Paweł Schreiber with a guest lecture at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

14 December – Pog(R)adajmy Bydgoszcz

14 December – Bydgoszcz-based Wild Boars team, winners of the Huuuge Game Jam in November, now take the first prize at the national Gala Game Jam Awards in Warsaw

16 December – new gamedec-created larp “The Hateful Twenty” played at the Western Hotel near Bydgoszcz

December 2016 – the 9th issue of “Homo Ludens” comes out, including three papers by Gamedec.UKW staff: Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka and Dr. Michał Mochocki