Newsletter – June 2016

2-3 June – Dr. Michał Mochocki with a keynote speech and edu-gamification workshop at the PL-CALL: Call for Mobility conference in Kraków

3 June – Mateusz Makowski, Paulina Michałowska and Urszula Chmielewska with an English-speaking larp at the International House language school in Bydgoszcz

3-5 June – Dr. Paweł Schreiber is juror in the Indie Basement 4.0 competition at Pixel Heaven in Warsaw

7 June – the finale of the minecraft competition run by Adrianna Kuliś

7 June – Urszula Chmielewska interviews Matthew Sanderson

8 June – Urszula Chmielewska interviews Scott Dorward

8 June – Pog(R)adajmy Bydgoszcz

10 June – we host Game Dev Day – powered by Huuuge !

12 June – BlackBox Bydgoszcz #5 by Anna Kwapiszewska

18 June – Dr. Michał Mochocki and Paulina Michałowska run a board game design workshop at Muzeum Okręgowe in Bydgoszcz

20-22 June – Dr. Michał Mochocki and Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka speak at the Mind-Media-Narrative conference in Warsaw

23 June – Amok Games, i.e.Maciej Sola and Adam Głów, accepted into semi-finals of the 8th edition of Team Competition in Computer Game Development at the Lodz University of Technology

26 June – Bartosz Piotrowski organises a Gwent card game competition at Cybermachina in Bydgoszcz

26 June – Konrad Otoliński organises a  Gwent card game competition at Cybermachina in Torun


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