Newsletter – summer 2016


1 July – Amok Games, i.e. gamedecs Maciej Sola and Adam Głów, reach semi-finals in the 8th. Team Competition in Computer Games Development 

1 July – Dr. Michał Mochocki speaks at the Conference on Game Innovations at the Lodz University of Technology in Łódź

6 July –  Pog(R)adajmy Bydgoszcz

11 – 21 July – Anna Kwapiszewska and Paulina Michałowska participate in an international youth exchange focused on larp: “Let’s play together”.

14 July – the first three gamedecs get their Bachelor degrees: Mateusz Makowski, Karolina Lewandowska and Beata Krzywdzińska (Beata nominated for award for the best diploma project at the Faculty of Humanities)

15 July – UKW signs partnership agreement with Rollespils Akademiet about collaboration in College of Extraordinary Experiences

18 July – we calculate employability stats in three-year perspective: as many as 39% gamedecs in their second or third year of education have found a full-time job in the video game industry even before graduation!

July  – Iza Dankowska, Natalia Białopiotrowicz and Paulina Michałowska in continuous collaboration at game fairs and conventions with Kraków-based Fabryka Kart Trefl


August – Iza Dankowska, Natalia BiałopiotrowiczPaulina Michałowska in continuous collaboration at game fairs and conventions with Kraków-based Fabryka Kart Trefl

August  – gamedec Anna Kwapiszewska employed as staff for RPG-LARP summer camps with “Poszukiwacze Przygód

12-14 August – mgr Piotr Milewski in charge of the Time Machine urban game at Nine Hills Festival in Chełmno; supported by a gamedec team: Paulina Michałowska, Jakub Rymsza, Marek Chołostiakow

26-28 August – gamedec Patryk Faberski is in the org team behind the larp The Third Side by Akademia Rozwoju Argos


September – a text by mgr Piotr Milewski published in the American Larp World Magazine

September – Dr. Michał Mochocki is a co-mentor of a B.A. paper on edu-larp at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Słowenia); the paper is authored by Blaz Branc, whom we had introduced to edu-larps at a UE-funded study visit at UKW in 2014

3-11 September – Hardkon Larpers Retreat organised by mgr Piotr Milewski

10-11 September – Dr. Michał Mochocki and Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka speak at the board game convention PLANSZOTEKA 2016 in the Public Library in Śrem  

15 September – launch of the international survey “Conflict and Bleed in Role-Playing Communities”, conducted by Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman of Austin Community College and Dr. Michał Mochocki

16-18 September – gamedecs Bartosz Piotrowski and Anna Kwapiszewska are co-ordinators of the larp section at the Copernicon convention in Toruń

17 September – the finale of the Quentin compeition for the best Polish tabletop RPG scenario, with Dr. Michał Mochocki and Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka in the jury

23-25 September gamedecs Paulina Michałowska and Sebastian Bednarek participate in Rebelatorium – Laboratorium Gier with 

23-25 September Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka and Dr. Michał Mochocki speak at the Expanding Universes conference in Kraków (with prof. Marie-Laure Ryan as keynote speaker)

28 September – our Minecraft project wins Grand Prix for the Kuiavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in the “Kryształy PR-u” competition for local government units 

29 September – the council of Institute for Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics UKW greenlights Dr. Michał Mochocki‘s project of international M.A. degree combining English Studies with Game Design


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