Gamedecs at Pyrkon 2017

pyrkon 2017

Pyrkon 2017 – we were there! There was the Gamedec Night with a collection of larps created by our students. Gamedecs ran tabletop RPG sessions as part of Uniwersytet Fabularny for Q-Workshop. They playtested their board and card prototypes, some of which won the approval (and commercial interest!) of two manufacturers. Iza Dankowska‘s B.A. project, a card game, was released by Garmory with characters from “Margonem“. We also contributed an academic part to the Pyrkon programme: Larp Studies Seminar. co-organised by the Gamedec.UKW staff.  Plus, on Saturday evening, we went to the Robot Gentleman + GIC after-party. It was a fruitful weekend!