Newsletter – Summer 2015


  • 7-12 July – Mateusz Makowski at Larpwriter Summer School in Lithuania
  • 10-12 July – Adrianna Kicińska runs a larp and an RPG session at Skiercon game convention in Skierniewice
  • 13-14 July – dr Michał Mochocki and dr Aleksandra Mochocka speak at „Światy poza światem. Fantastyka wysokoartystyczna w literaturze i kulturze” conference in Katowice
  • 13 July – Maciej Grądziel runs a larp “8 mila” at “Antykonwent Rafineria” game convention
  • 23-26 July – Marcin Szypura  participates in Slavic Game Jam in Warsaw



  • -till 4 September – dr Michał Mochocki at Hardkon Larpers Retreat
  • 9 September – Pog(R)adajmy monthly meeting of game dev and gamers in Bydgoszcz
  • 11-13 September – dr Michał Mochocki at “Twierdza” game convention in Giżycko, Poland 
  • 12 September – urban game “Fordon Story” as part of Fordońska Noc Sztuki festival, created by Kamila Kołodziej, Robert Jurczyk and Michał Mochocki
  • 18-20 September – dr Aleksandra Mochocka and dr Michał Mochocki are guests and speakers at “Copernicon” game convention in Toruń; Ewa Kieferling and Patryk Faberski run a larp “SOR”
  • 20 September – at Coperniconie, announcement of winners at “Quentin” tabletop RPG scenario competition, with dr M. Mochocki and dr A. Mochocka on the jury
  • 21-23 September – Iza Dankowska and Dawid Steinmetz at a 3-day larp training at Liveform in Katowice
  • 23 September – dr Paweł Schreiber in Warsaw at 11th International conference on the safety of children and youth in the Internet
  • 25-27 September – dr Paweł Schreiber at “Pixel Heaven” video game festival in Warsaw, runs Q&A with Sam Barlow and chairs a meeting with the “Pixel” magazine editorial board; plus, he is juror at Indie Basement 3.0 competition


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