Partnership with College of Extraordinary Experiences


We are happy to inform about the partnership between Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego and Rollespils Akademiet for the organisation of international conference warsztatowej “College of Extraordinary Experiences” coming on 10-13th November 2016 at the Czocha castle in Poland. It attracts world-class specialists in experience design, representing a variety of creative industries, from Nordic blockbuster larps to gamification of tourism to American TV networks, Disney and Google.  Here comes the list of professors and mentors, according to the official website:

Mark Ordesky, Executive Producer The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Kim Wylie, Global Lead for Change and Transformation Google

Christie Cleveland, Product Manager Disney Interactive

Ioana Illiesiu, Environmental Designer Bompas & Parr

Jane Fleming, Creator The Quest Reality TV Series  

Rupert Isaacson, Author/Filmmaker The Horse Boy

Paul Bulencea, Co-author Gamification in Tourism

Joseph B. Pine, Co-author The Experience Economy

Anders Berner, Project Leader Orkerne Kommer

Ian Cameron, Storytelling Lead Bompas & Parr

Ask Agger, Founder Workz Change Agency

Claus Raasted, Creator College of Wizardry

– Nast Marrero, Senior Agile Coach LEGO

– Professor Eric Jul, President AITO

The lead organiser behind COEE is the Danish Rollespils Akademiet that gained worldwide recognition with the Polish Liveform team thanks to the “College of Wizardry” (CoW) larp in 2014. It was a breakthrough for the development of larp as a medium and the beginning of larp tourism in Polish castles. So far, as many as 8 English-speaking CoW-larps have been played at Czocha, with 3 more coming soon.  The USA started their “New World Magischola”: 4 games in June-July 2016, more in 2017. A German-speaking CoW: Nibelungen” is also coming in 2017. And magical schools are not all there is: look for other larps by Rollespils / Liveform, such as the historical social drama “Fairweather Manor” and vampiric “Convention of Thorns”.