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Dr. Michal Mochocki


  • co-organiser of GRAP’s academic conferences “Culture-generative Function of Games” (annually since 2005)

  • member of programme commitee at industry conference “Game Industry Trends 2013”

  • speaker at Polish game events: Game Industry Trends, Game Developers Conference, Pixel Heaven

Dr. Aleksandra Mochocka










  • since the day she started to read, a science fiction fan (hard sf, cyberpunk, space opera, and fantasy)

  • since 1995,  member of Science Fiction Club of Gdańsk

  • since 2004,  member of Games Research Association of Poland

  • speaker at numerous Polish convetions, including Nordcons, Teleports, ConQuests, Krakons, Pyrkons, Avangarda, ZjaVa, Copernicons, and Toporiadas

  • gamer and game master (WoD, Call of Cthulhu, Dzikie Pola), author of scenarios, translator (D&D 3rd edition)

  • juror in the Golden Axes competition (see her article

  • her research includes science fiction, new media and derived literary forms, and participatory culture

  • has been introducing gamification to her university clasess

Dr. Pawel Schreiber


  • videogame critic and journalist (, Polygamia, “Przekrój”, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, “Chimera”)

  • popularizer of the application of video games in school education

  • speaker at major Polish events concerning video games (International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź, Digital Dragons in Cracow)

  • scholar researching interactive fiction and the links between video games and theatre

Krzysztof Chmielewski, MA

shman kadra








  • drama teacher, mediator, sales techniques and teambuilding coach; widely uses larp for corporate soft skills training
  • larper since 1999. Professionally involved in larps since 2009; author of tabletop RPG’s (a.o. “Hospiterror. Psycho Role Play”), designer, larpmaster,  since 2010 juror in the Złote Maski competition – biggest larp competition in East-Central Europe
  • event organizer (a.o. coordinator of larpmaster meetings “Przywidzenie” in 2010 and 2012, larp section president at the Science-Fiction Club of Gdańsk)
  • member of Games Research Association of Poland
  • designer of edu-larp; used larp as a  method of teaching history (middle schools)


mgr Piotr Milewski

Qla 2









  • at TREFL SA, he was Product Manager for board and card games in R&D department
  • at Young Digital Planet, he co-designed the Questrunner app that is used in the design of educational urban games, and he co-created „The book of trends in education 2015-2016″ as editor of „Modern education is fun” section
  • author and co-author of larps (e.g. „Metoda Profesora Kamihary”, „Sodom and Gomorrah Show”, „Dimmuborgir”, „Kot Jarosława”, „Bóg, który się pomylił”) he also had the pleasure to be on the scenario team for the first edition of „College of Wizardry”
  • organiser and co-organiser of game conventions: Hardkon (since 2007), Puckon (2009 – 2011), Hardkon Larpers’ Retreat (since 2015) Dreamhaven (2016) and Larp Conference KOLA 2015
  • three-times winner of the Golden Mask: twice for a scenario (2011, 2013) and once as the best player; he was also nominated at two other times when he did not win; the same with a nomination for the Śląkfa prize (category: „promoter of SF/fantasy”, 2015)
  • co-organiser and juror of the first Polish larp competition „Złota Brama” (2008), juror at „Larpy Najwyższych Lotów” competition (2013 and 2014) and „Złote Maski” (2015)
  • author of card games (e.g. „Prison run”, „Treasures and Precious”, „Bifrost Birdge”) and board games („Polska w budowie”)
  • speaker at education conferences and game conventions
  • editor of the larp section at „Magia i Miecz” magazine (od 2014) and game-related texts in „Inne Sfery” and proceedings of the larp conferences KOLA
  • founder and president at Stowarzyszenie Twórców Gier FunReal (Game Designers Association FunReal)

mgr Piotr Pieńkowski


  • an old hand in Polish video game journalism, long-time editor-in-chief of “Świat Gier Komputerowych”
  • author of “Atak Zombie” board game


vg_vividgamesAt Gamedec.UKW, advanced courses in  „Video Game Design” are taught by professionals from Vivid Games. Last year, they were Wojciech Dziuk, Grzegorz Brol and Mateusz Dzikowski (see: next page). In 2016/2017 it is Filip Kucharski  and our gamedec graduate Tomasz Krzyżaniak.

Filip Kucharski


  •  Junior Programmer at Vivid Games
  • enthusiast of game design on various platforms
  • in his leisure time, prefers RPG and strategy games
  • at work, he is struggling with Unreal Engine 4; at home, he experiments with Unity 5
  • familiar with the basics of 3D graphics, he creates simple models and animations in Blender
  • participant of many game jams across Poland, winner of VGJam

Tomasz Krzyżaniak









  • Game designer at Vivid Games, previously QA tester
  • Graduate of Gamedec.UKW
  • Experienced tabletop RPG player
  • Larp designer

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